5 things to be considered before buying a pergola

June 15, 2022

5 things to be considered before buying a pergola

To beat the challenge of hot & humid climate in UAE & GCC, aluminium pergolas have been trending as the most versatile outdoor shade structure for commercial & residential purpose. If you are also considering buying/installing a pergola, you need to have a basic understanding of the most crucial five aspects to avail the benefits for a lifetime.

The Outdoor space for the pergola: 

A clear understanding of the space where you want to install your pergola & how you want to use it is essential. Is it a backyard, garden, swimming pool, balcony or a commercial space like alfresco dining areas, beach, etc? Do you want to enclose it or use it only as a shaded area?  The floor level also needs to be observed for calculating wind load & withstanding load capacity of the pergola structure. This will help in considering multiple options like free-standing pergola, wall-mounted or hanging in some cases. Spaces near the sea need extra care & attention. For example, Palmiye uses special paint for pergolas near the sea for extra protection.

terrace pergola for a dining space with matching furniture
Rotatable louver pergola at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


What should be the pergola made of?

Previously pergolas were made from wood. But advancement in technology has allowed us to explore better options that are more resistant to weather & are easy to maintain. Steel & aluminium are top contenders when it comes to metal pergolas. Wood is losing the charm as it is not practical in blazing hot weather of the Middle East. Plus, it needs maintenance, as it is more prone to damage like cracks, fainted & chipping paints/re-polishing, termites etc. Aluminium pergolas are the best as they are lightweight yet sturdy, easy to maintain, rust-free & promise a better hassle-free longevity of the product. Palmiye has a series of PVC retractable roof pergolas as well that is extremely popular.

PVC retractable pergola partially open at an outdoor dining restaurant
PVC retractable pergola at Sansation Lounge, Dubai

Fixed or moving roof:

The innovation of retractable roof pergolas has been a boon as it dynamically diversifies the use of it. In an age of automation & control, fixed roof pergolas are obsolete. Wooden or metal fixed louvers neither provide the shade completely nor offer any practicality to the space. Motorized aluminium pergolas allow more control as you can use them as indoor-cum-outdoor space. Enclosed with glass doors, blinds, or awnings it can serve as an ultimate four-season ready space or a glass room with retractable roof. You will enjoy the seamless sky with just a button on the remote. It offers more protection, less maintenance & looks classier. Palmiye is the leading global manufacturer of motorized aluminium pergolas, with Bio-climatic & PVC options, retractable awnings & glass systems.

Outdoor glass room with motorized roof
Aluminium retractable pergola with glass, Dubai


Quality really matters!

The prolific demand for outdoor pergolas has resulted in an outburst of every aluminium company claiming to be a manufacturer of pergola. You need to be careful here! Choose a company that you can rely on for years to come. Palmiye is a renowned global brand for smart shading systems that has operations in more than 90+ countries & Palmiye Emirates is a regional structure with a dynamic team, showroom & an office in Dubai. We are responsible for handling any requirements in GCC & MENA & offer a warranty of 5-years plus flawless after sales support. You need to be cautious with agents or intermediaries who try to sell without any establishment or just by outsourcing. Plus, you should ask for elaborate details & international standards of quality adherence.


The application or utilization of pergola has an influence on the budget. Further the quality comes at a price. Cheaper prices might look appealing at once, but the returns can be miserable. If you are looking for a solution such as extension to the house or covering an alfresco dining space, you should go with an option that promotes quality & reliability. Local manufacturers will just assemble the pergola without any adherence to quality standards during fabrication or installation. Our suggestion is to go for a brand that exclusively deals in pergolas & awnings, so that you have the expertise & quality at your end. And who can be better than Palmiye to cater to your outdoor smart shade requirements.

Concluding to this, we should understand that buying a pergola can get trickier with an open availability of cheap options. Installing your pergola is an investment & it should be carefully chosen to serve with efficiency for years to come.

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