About Us

Palmiye is a globally renowned brand known for its revolutionary product design & functionalities. With HQ in Turkey & Operations in 90 countries, Palmiye established its presence in UAE in 2019 aiming to be the pioneer & consumers’ first choice in the industry of premium outdoor shade structures. With a spacious showroom in Dubai with different pergolas on display, we believe that client needs to assess every detail & see the product in function before finalizing to proceed. Especially, considering the hot & humid climate of GCC & realizing the scarcity of solutions that make outdoor living viable for all four seasons, Palmiye is here to help you create the most beautiful & practical outdoor spaces. Cover your patio, extend your backyard space, or design a garden gazebo, we are here to make your outdoor dreams possible.

Meet Our Team
Abdullah Al Dah

Fuelled with the passion of introducing innovative products into UAE, Abdullah Al Dah is the CEO of Palmiye Emirates. With a vision of revolutionizing contemporary outdoor spaces, bridging the gap & incompatibility between the outdoor living industry & the inclement weather of UAE, he introduced Palmiye’s dealership in Dubai in 2019. He is a young Emirati & chairman of Al Matroushi group, under which he operates multiple companies. He is pivotal in guiding Palmiye team through various project cycles & always emphasizes on generating value for everyone.

Ali Iqbal

A young structural engineer, sales & technical manager who is dedicated to optimize every project with his technical proficiency & flawless execution. Charged with analysis, design, implementation & execution of each project, Ali is known for tweaking & resolving on-site complexities. Popular with the clients, for his consummate understanding of technical jargon & accurate calculations, Ali is the face of technical resolutions, architectural design & perfect execution of projects.

Our Values
Conformity to quality

We are devoted to providing the best products & services to our clients, ensuring a smooth & relaxing journey that involves immense support, impeccable service standards & ultimate satisfaction for the end user.

Working with technicalities & heart

We believe in equipping our work force with futuristic skills that push them ahead in their career. And we care deeply about the work we do, about creating the best blissful spaces for our clients, realizing their imaginations & maintaining relationships that lasts longer than the project.

Willingness to go the extra mile

Palmiye team always strives to put every ounce of commitment, innovation & professionalism for every project we undertake. We go the distance to provide the best service possible.

Our History

The Palmiye Company commenced trading within the construction industry in 1998 and achieved well deserved respect and confidence by successfully constructing the world’s largest awning project in Norway in 2002, thereby presenting the brand ‘Palmiye’ to the awning and shading sector.
Afterwards, Palmiye focused on research and development, subsequently introducing the first motorised pergola to the market in 2004, and then in 2006 elevating & executing the idea of a pergola intended to be used in all four seasons. In 2011, Palmiye further widened their operational horizons, by developing a partnership with Lugano Glass.
Together with the completion of purchasing process of Loca Motorized Pergola System, our leading position has been accordingly strengthening throughout the global market.
Palmiye with the vision of being the leader in global market for smart shading solutions, strategically merged multiple brands like Loca, Lugano and Regatta under the brand name of Palmiye as a central hub of state-of-the-art outdoor shading solutions.
Benefiting from its international network and extended organizational structure, Palmiye is now operating across the globe in 50+ countries. Palmiye’s products reflect the combined values of diverse cultures & weather, blended with unique architectural concepts, artistic designs & value-added functionalities.
As a progressive innovator, Palmiye operates with sensitivity, tailoring distinctive and unique products, in which the feelings and styles of world-famous architects and designers are translated into life.

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