Grand Washington Hotel’s Rooftop Lounge with Palmiye’s Retractable Bioclimatic Pergolas

Transforming the rooftop lounge area at the Grand Washington Hotel, we’ve installed retractable bioclimatic pergola systems together with glass roofs. This addition offers unparalleled versatility, seamlessly merging outdoor and indoor experiences.

The retractable bioclimatic pergola system Skyroof Prestige redefine the lounge, providing an adaptable space that harmonizes with varying weather conditions. Whether it’s to bask in the sunlight or seek shelter from the elements, the flexibility of these systems ensures a comfortable ambiance year-round.



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Palmiye pergolas are built upon an aluminum supporting structure; offering various ceiling options such as glass, PVC fabric, or aluminum panels, to form a cater to a wide range of architectural designs and functionalities.

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