How to choose an outdoor structure like a pro?

September 14, 2022

How to choose an outdoor structure like a pro?

The first thing striking our mind while designing an outdoor structure is usability & aesthetic appeal of the space. Pergolas, Gazebos, Tensile shades, there’s a lot to choose from. But choosing the best from an array of options can be daunting. You would always want to proceed in the most secure & reliable way. With UAE & GCC being a home to car park shades, tensile shades, the concept of outdoor structure hasn’t reached its full potential. With five-star hotels, restaurants moving towards alfresco dining areas, the scarcity of a complete outdoor solution is obvious. And when it comes to luxurious outdoor spaces with elite design concepts; car park or tensile shades can never do justice to the essence of luxury & practicality.

what matters is how an outdoor structure will make your life easier & more productive?

With the outdoor living industry constantly booming post-pandemic, consumers now look for a space that is practical, reliable, usable in all seasons. And not to forget; something that should be insta-grammable!

Specifically considering UAE & relevant Middle East regions that flaunt incredible outdoor views populated with twinkling skyscrapers & sparkling beaches.

Insights reveal that the hospitality industry in a rush to find reliable solutions for creating outdoor leisure/dining spaces that can tolerate the blazing heat without compromising on panoramic views & offer more room for health precautions, the process can be challenging. That’s why Palmiye was born. To be the superhero of outdoor spaces that are luxurious, practical & comforting.

But when we talk about outdoor structures, specifically for Middle East, let’s explore the options & their relevance to the regions’ hot & dry climate.

  • Fixed pergolas – A home to outdoor structures, fixed metal or wooden pergolas can be seen almost everywhere in the Middle East. It’s a simple structure with pillars (wall-mounted in some cases) & slatted roof that allow sun rays to pass through. But when it comes to these fixed structures, they appear more of an aesthetic addition than being a functional one. Wooden or metal pergolas with wood rafter or steel rails hardly provide any protection from the sun/rain & cannot be used all around the year. Without any flexibility, they just act like rigid structures standing in the sun. High on maintenance & more prone to damage, fixed pergolas are undoubtedly an investment without returns.
  • Gazebos – Similar to pergolas, gazebos can have metal or wood structure & the roof is usually a solid covering made from fabric or wood in an octagonal/ hexagonal shape. It can provide for sun protection but only at the roof. Further the fabric is generally not waterproof & cannot prevent water ingress. The sides are open or may have a decorative parapet fixed wall. Gazebos usually don’t provide an idea for extending the space. They serve as casual seating areas in gardens or parks. The disadvantages of not acting as a complete outdoor solution for every season are identical as in the case of fixed pergolas.
  • Tensile shades – Popular in Gulf regions, tensile shades are generally used as car parking shades or to cover large open ceilings of commercial buildings. Supported with pillars & rails & stretched over an area, tensile shades can be a feasible option, but they are far from an aesthetic appeal. Plain fabric with metal structures & fixed shapes offers minimal flexibility. They are prone to attract dirt & cannot act as a peaceful seating area as they trap in more heat & do nothing more than mere a shade. For commercial hospitality sectors specifically, the look doesn’t align with the grace & elegance of luxury resorts & hotels.

So where should we head for?

Of course, a structure that is aesthetically pleasing & functional. That offers more productivity & usability to the space. And serves as an all season outdoor area that is resistant to sun rays, speedy winds & rain.

And the best solution combining every aspect & addressing the pain points of outdoor shade structure is from Palmiye Emirates.

An outdoor structure with fabric roof
Montgomerie Golf Club, Dubai


An innovative mechanism that brought life to fixed outdoor shades & our company won the award for best designs in the sector.

Our retractable roof PVC pergolas & bio-climatic pergolas are the epitome of an outdoor structure that is practical, comforting & graceful.

Powered with motors, the roof of the pergola can open & close via a remote control, giving you more freedom to use the space the way you want. It can be further enclosed with side enclosures like glass systems or retractable awnings to offer complete solution.

What makes us worthy of being the “Best Outdoor structure solution in the Gulf”?

  • Wind speed tested structures, scoring an 11 on Beaufort scale (withstanding a wind of 107 kmph) for Terrain Category 4.
  • Certified aluminium powder coated structures with cross-sectional members inside for added strength.
  • 100% waterproof with integrated drainage.
  • Completely concealed mechanism with no visible wiring. Integrated LED dimmable lights. With the option of RGB.
  • A comprehensible warranty of 5-years with reliable after-sales support via the regional office in Dubai.
  • World-class integration with Somfy motors (the global leader in home solutions) & remote control. The systems can be further equipped with automation.
  • Strict adherence to quality control & design standards of the region.
  • Statistical & wind load calculations for every project (beyond terrain category 4) to ensure safety & regulations.
  • Quick Installation by a technically trained team. Our team will resolve any issue arising from electrical/motor components over the operational years.

Tailored to your distinctive requirements, Palmiye aims to create the most amazing outdoor spaces & experiences that you will cherish for ages.

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