The Epitome of
Fully Automated
Awning Systems

Experience the pinnacle of convenience and style in a fully automated cassette awning system, elevating your outdoor living. Here, technology and aesthetics meet in perfect harmony.


  • Width (min. - max.)

    205 - 700 cm

  • Projection

    160/210/260/310/360 cm

Product Standards

  • Control Type

    Remote Control

  • Color

    Palmiye & Any RAL Color

  • Fabric


Options & Additional Accessories

  • Sensors

    Sun / Wind Sensor

  • Color

    Any RAL Color and Color Combinations

  • Color Type

    Reduction Control

  • Valence

    Flat / Wavy


  • Min. - Max.

    0° - 60°

Tailored to your lifestyle

Controls & Automation

Designed to easily control your product wherever you are in the world, despite the weather changes you can remotely activate your products accordingly.

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphone systems. You can assign multiple functions through created scenarios, you can give a one-touch command.

  • Control Units

    Our products incorporate Somfy motors, remote controls, sensors, and automation systems, giving customers the choice between RTS and IO options.

  • Sun Sensor

    It automatically operates product in sunny weather and provides maximum protection from the sun.

  • Rain Sensor

    Enables your product to automatically cover your provides area during maximum rain and protection.

  • Wind & Sun Sensor

    By measuring wind speed,it retracts your swing when high speed is detected and provides shade by opening the awning according to the brightness of the sunlight.

  • Wind Sensor

    It measures the wind speed and automatically retracts your product when high wind speed is detected.

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