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White retractable pergola at piatti restaurant in Raffles the Palm, Dubai


One of our most popular & feasible series among our retractable pergolas is silver. A tilted roof that can adapt to requirements of any space such as a balcony shade, lounge area. Available in plus & compact series, this can be a great economical addition to any space with minimal structure & complete protection from sun with the power of retractable motorized roof.
Available as freestanding or wall mounted, silver is a stylish & classic way to gift your outdoors a cosy space to enjoy & relax.

Technical Specifications



The Gala is the twin for silver style; it has a tilted roof on either side. Ideal for shading big spaces, accommodating large number of people, it is known for a streamlined construction & adaptation style. Additional central pillars are used for added support & strength to the structure.
The product is designed to be used in all four seasons. If combined with side enclosures like retractable awnings & glass systems, it can be used as a versatile indoor space.

Technical Specifications

An outdoor restaurant with cottage roof type pergola enclosed by sliding glass doors
led lights running around the inner ceiling perimeter of pergola


Optimal for panoramic views, Panorama creates an illusion of standing independently with the tilted roof standing on sturdy back pillars. Steel pipes attached to the back pillars provide an added support.
The steel pipes can be hanging or buttress type. The hanging pipes are attached to the top of the roof from the back pillar in an inclined fashion holding the retractable roof in place. The Buttress pipes provide support from underneath the roof. Plus, the hanging type has enhanced projection compared to buttress type.

Technical Specifications



The twin for panorama is the Marine. Because of its lightweight details & premium structure, it is the most popular series for covering large spaces. The hanging steel pipes appended support ensures complete protection plus uninterrupted panoramic views. Ideal for commercial outdoor seating spaces, we installed Marine for one of the popular coffee chains “Caribou coffee” on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Technical Specifications

Outdoor cafe shaded by a pergola with Burj Khalifa view at night
White wavy fabric roof attached to aluminium rail in an outdoor dining space


With awe-inspiring flat construction, our Satin series is the epitome of simplified complexity. The roof incorporates a wavy & stretched fabric adding to its artistic design. Available as the sole option for flat roof, the standard projection of Satin goes up to 800 cms. The trapezium gutter construction for drainage also differs from other retractable systems.

Technical Specifications



Equipped with minimal structure & a semi-curved roof, Coral is the perfect choice for a spacious shaded space. A boho curved roof ensures extra space overhead & adds a sophisticated style element to your outdoor area. Available as Plus & Compact series, Coral is an innovative curved roof pergola. The lighting system adapts to the ceiling cover that moves with it.

Technical Specifications

curved roof pergola in a garden side restaurant
a luxurious hotel gallery covered with a pergola with its fabric roof open & gathered at the center


Crown is the twin of coral & has curved roof on both sides. The plus & compact series can be either equipped with a single or double motor from Somfy. The single motor ensures that the ceiling cover or retractable roof moves as one piece, a double motor ensures that the ceiling cover moves as two pieces. For added support & strength, side beams can be added.

Technical Specifications



As the proud innovator of panoramic systems, Palmiye has integrated this feature with curved roofs as well. Without any front pillar support for Apollo, the roof stands in magnificence ensuring panoramic views with soft contours. The steel pipes in suspended or buttress hold the roof from the back/rear support pillar.

Technical Specifications

curved roof pergola supported by hanging pipes with partila retracted roof in street
free-standing curved roof pergola on a street with pink flower bushes


A free-standing architectural classic & the twin of Apollo, the bridge stands on a central pivot pillar providing support to the curved roofs on each side with hanging pipes mounted on to the central pillar. Ideal for alfresco dining restaurant & cafes, bridge is optimal for covering large spaces that need unobtrusive views.

Technical Specifications



Palmiye excels in the ability for its pergolas to adapt to any space. To support this idea, Cosmo is an exclusive retractable roof that involves no structure except for the rails along which the roof retracts & can be integrated with any curved existing construction. It allows for uninterrupted interior climate control throughout the seasons.

Technical Specifications

Xl club in habtoor resort, Dubai covered by retractable curved roof pergola by Palmiye
alfresco dining restaurant covered witha pergola featuring an open retractable roof


With existing flat or tilted construction, Legend can be seamlessly integrated. The retractable roof has rails together with connection brackets & without any pillars or beams. The flat/inclined roof is generally used for shading very large areas & can be merged with any existing flat/inclined construction.

Technical Specifications


Key Features

Pioneering the innovation in pergola industry

Leading the industry with innovative state-of-the-art technology & design by introducing double anti-air system, moveable lighting kit, curved roof pergolas, panoramic view pergolas & more underway.

Extensive range for endless personalization

With the highest number of available series & designs in the pergola sector globally, we provide tailor made solutions even for non-standard projects. Our designs can adapt to any space & requirement.

Exceptionally qualified team & resources

With dedicated & professional team for each department, from design & architecture to 3D renders & installation. We strive for gaining the trust of our clients at each stage & deliver flawless projects.

International quality standards

With international network & successful operations at 95 different areas/points globally, Palmiye assures of an unmatched quality with European certifications justifying our standards & management systems.

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