Lights are an indispensable part of any space if you want positive, happy & cosy vibes. Especially with pergolas, lights emphasize the details in the structure, enhance the overall ambience of the outdoor space. Not only they look beautiful, but pergola lights are functional & a fine integration with lights can make your outdoor space shine in style.

Palmiye understands the importance of lights & the effect of their proper placements, that’s why we provide integrated lights with our retractable & bioclimatic pergolas.

Without any hassle for additional light cables, we designed an innovative technology to incorporate lights with the pergola roof.

To adapt to the design & requirements of retractable PVC/Fabric & Bioclimatic pergolas, Palmiye has developed innovative lighting systems that suit every space & mood.

For PVC/Fabric retractable systems, there are 3 layouts for the pergola lights.

Warm white linear lights on fabric support profile of retractable pergola.

Linear LED lights

Basic yet scintillating, the linear led is rectangular in shape with warm white light as the standard option. It is a 6 lens LED which illuminates the area under the retractable roof. The light moves with the fabric support profile once the roof is retracted & are equipped with a dimmer function that can be controlled with a remote.

Spot lights

Placed at regular distance on the fabric support profile, the spot light is a 3 lens LED that appears like little twinkling stars or spots. The RGB option is not possible with this layout, but the dimmer function gives an added advantage to switch between strong practical lighting or a dimmable light.

Circular spot lights placed on aluminium profile of a retractable roof.
3-directional led lights enhancing the fabric pattern in a retractable roof pergola

3-Axis lights

This new innovative pergola lighting layout is among the distinctive features of Palmiye. The exclusive 3-axis lighting is a 3-directional light in the shape of a rounded rectangle, placed on left, right & centre of the fabric support profile on the same position. It enhances any patterns/designs of the fabric on the retractable roof & looks elegant as the light disperses in all three directions.

For bioclimatic/louver pergola, there are 2 possible layouts for the lighting.

warm white led lights placed at regular distance on aluminium louvers

Linear Panel Lighting

Available in Plus series only for the Skyroof range, this panel lighting is one of the most exciting features that enhance the overall look of the louvered pergola. The 6-lens LED lighting modules are positioned into the louvers. With the availability of RGB option, the lighting mood of your pergola can be fully customized.

Perimeter Lighting

With LED strips surrounding the gutter profile & running across all the inner edges of the louver pergola, perimeter lighting is available for Skyroof & Prestige series. Combined with the warm light, RGB option is available. The lighting system can be dimmed with a remote control to cater to your requirements for the perfect level of light you need for your pergola.

led lights running around the inner ceiling perimeter of pergola

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